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Collecting money and paying in one place has never been more simple,

fair and safe.

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What's important to you is important to us

Collecting money for a social event is frustrating, complicated and an unfair process.

We provide a few things that will bring your smile back.

Strict Security

Your security is our responsibility, so we commit to the strictest security standards, emphasizing the fact that your money should be kept as safe as possible

Fair Payment

No one has to pay more than the others! With PayBox, group payments become simple and fair for everyone. It's so simple that the regular excuses just don't cut it anymore

Full Transparency

The money belongs to the group members, and each member has a right to know where it's going. Group members can see at any given moment who paid and who didn't, which transactions took place, and the total amount gathered

How does it work?

All you need to do in order to start using PayBox is to get a smartphone, download the app, quickly sign up, and you can immediately start your first "PayBox".

Start a "PayBox"

Your first step to a group payment experience is starting a "PayBox" and inviting friends from your contact lists and/or your Facebook friends list.

Collect money to your Group Account

Group payment requires a joint effort and each member has to play his part. Ask friends to load funds into the Group Account and follow the group's financial development.

Pay with the accumulated sum

When you reach the required amount, any team member can pay in the name of the group. The group's head will then credit the paying member's credit card from the accumulated sum.

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What is a “PayBox” and what can you do with it?

Start a "PayBox" whenever you need to collect money and pay together with a group of people; “PayBox” will act as your group account. Even though the money is used for a different purpose each time, the process suits any situation.

Bachelor Party

Your best friend is getting married and you're stuck with the task of booking a party venue that costs as much as your entire monthly salary? Simply start a “PayBox” for the party and divide the expenses among yourselves.

Barbecue Night

Once again you end up paying for all the meat for your team's Barbecue Night, and everyone promised to pay you back next time? Instead of feeling like a sucker, simply start a "PayBox" for your team's night out.


Building Committee

Climbing up stairways and knocking on neighbors' doors to individually collect money isn't your thing? Simply start a “PayBox” for the Building Committee and gather money from the comfort of your own living room.

Shared Apartment

When the fridge is all covered with receipts and the old account-settling chart is long outdated, it's time to start a “PayBox” with your flat mates and start managing your shared expenses.

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